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The office cubicle was created by designer Robert Propst for Herman Miller, and released in 1967 under the name “Action Office II”. (source: Wikipedia)

…and today the form has taken a life of it’s own:

Glass cubicles from floor to ceiling are the hottest trend in office workstation options. The next step is anyone’s guess but you can be sure, cubicles are here to stay.

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So now you can see why we love all things cubicle and glass cubicles in particular.

  • Advantages of glass cubicles

    glass-cubicleEverybody understands exactly what a desk is or a minimum of they have an unclear concept of it. Include in the term glass and many individuals aren’t sure exactly what you are discussing. Glass desks are popular in the workplace furnishings world and the reasons are evident.

    1. Visual appeal – It’s simple to see (actually) the distinction as a space packed with glass desks simply normally look much better. They provide a coolness aspect that can not be attained with conventional desks.
    2. Natural lighting – When once more it’s simple to comprehend exactly how light can be distributed much easier when there are no “walls” to obstruct it. The light will reach you if the only thing in between the light source and you is glass.
      If somebody is on the phone or at their desk, much easier to connect
    3. Aesthetically – With standard walled workplaces or high wall desks you can simply look and see. You likewise cannot wave en route by to let them understand the conference is on. Glass desks eliminate these obstacles and enable a lot easier interaction.

    If you need to produce a work area that needs using desks, it makes good sense to pick glass desks and enhance your effectiveness, lower lighting expenses and enhance moral. Plus the workplace will look cool!

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