Desks or Cubicles, Cubicles or Desks, That is the Question

Choosing the proper design for your workplace will certainly go a very long way to ensuring your workers stay happy, inspired and healthy. Do you go with an open-plan office space, personal offices for staff, or office workstations? Present day office cubicles have come a very long way from their initial design, and here are 5 terrific reasons why you need to consider them for your business..
1. Much more Privacy.
Cubicles give people their own individual area to operate, without having the absence of privacy that workers in an open-plan office often complain about..
2. Decreased Disturbance.
The dividers of office workstations mean that there’s less opportunity for employees of being sidetracked by their associates, and they can give more focus to the job in hand.
3. Optimal Use of Space.
Office cubicles are created for being fantastic space-savers, so make certain that you get the design and configuration of your office right to take advantage of your available area.
4. Improved Work Relationships.
Having co-workers in surrounding workstations allows for a lot more collaboration and interaction amongst employees, and successful working relationships are important for both the individuals and your business.
5. Increased Performance.
Even though cubicles give workers more privacy than an open-plan office does, there is additionally a degree of obligation that comes with working in adjacent cubicles. When their co-worker in the next cubicle can see them coming and going, employees are less likely to spend half an hour hanging out by the water cooler!