How to get a wage increase

Getting a raise at the office is always an easy job. When it comes down to opening up your mouth and letting the words flow you invariably end up with a knot in your stomach and a voice that squeaks. But you have worked hard and truly feel you are worthy of a raise, so how do you set about requesting one without your body acting in such an adverse manner?

Though asking for a wage increase is not an easy task in these times of economic recess, especially if your business is experiencing difficult financial times, there could be room for them to grant you a few more dollars if they can be persuaded you are worth it, and to help you get prepared, here are some pointers you can put to good use:.

Know just how much you are worth– when you want a raise, you must do the legwork before you present your claim to the proper people, and this means you must determine what other organizations compensate someone with your skillset. Understanding this will really help you determine if you are being underpaid and determine just how much of a raise you can realistically expect.

Seek an appointment and practice what you will explain– when seeking a raise it is crucial you do it in a proficient manner, as it will improve your chances of a successful result. To this effect, it is always a good idea to make an appointment to see the person in charge of making these decisions. Remember to rehearse what you will say with a colleague or family member so you won’t go blank when the right time arrives.

The first counter argument might be that these are difficult times for the company, and while it may be true you may be able to gauge if you still have a little room to negotiate further. Based on this, you can also change the amount you are asking for, in such a manner that both parties are satisfied with the final outcome.

Don’t become aggressive, do not intimidate, and do not tell a sob story– as a matter of fact, being self-confident, courteous, and impersonal will get better final results than whining or making a fuss. Remember, the folks on the other side of the table may likewise be experiencing difficult times, so the moment you start letting them know how horrible it has become for you they will shut off their brains and all negotiations will be over.

In the long run, it never smarts to inquire, and the very worst thing that can transpire is that you are informed the business can’t offer to give you a raise right now. Not getting a raise immediately does not imply it will never ever happen, so don’t let down your shield and leave the door available to return to the subject in a few more months. Best of luck!

You have worked hard and honestly believe you deserve a raise, so how do you go about asking for one without your body reacting in such a negative manner?

Ask for an appointment and practice what you will say– when asking for a raise it is very important you do it in a professional manner, as it will increase your chances of success. In the end, it never hurts to ask, and the worst thing that can happen is that you are told the company can’t afford to give you a raise right now.