Real Tips on Bringing Your Kids to Work

Harmonizing a profession with being a Mom/Dad is not always an easy thing to do, but most of us manage effectively (at least, most of time!). You might have the perfect plan worked out, with a fantastic work/life symmetry and excellent childcare in place but, as all of us know, frequently life just doesn’t operate like that. It’s never ideal to have to bring your child into work with you, but if your childcare falls through or you have an emergency and there’s no other option, how do you get it to work?

Give Your Employer Advance Warning

Not only should you let your boss know ahead of time that you have to bring your kid into work with you, you need to make certain that it is OK to do it. It may be encouraged on ‘Bring your kid to your job’ days, but don’t just presume that any time won’t be a problem.

Make Sure Your Kid is Occupied

It might seem to be an obvious detail, but whatever your child’s age they’re unlikely enjoy sitting silently in the corner watching Mom/Dad get on with their work, and boredom can easily lead to mischievous actions. Bring sufficient activities and toys to keep them engaged the entire time they’re present, but make certain that they’re quiet toys. A drawing pad and crayons is great, a noisy toy drum kit really isn’t so good. Giving them a simple task to do like copying will keep them pleased and occupied if your kid is old enough.

Consider Your Associates

Your associates may woo over images of little Tim, but that doesn’t mean that they will be thrilled to watch him when they’re trying to work. Try to keep your kid’s noise levels to a minimum, and don’t allow them to scoot around your workplace frustrating everyone there. Sticky fingers on important files and barnyard impressions in the background of a important conference call are sure to wear your colleagues’ patience very thin.

Keep the Visitation Brief

If you’re bringing your child into work at short notice, then it’s obviously because you have had no alternative in lieu of because you though it would be a nice way to spend the day. This means it may not be as simple as restricting their time there to a few hours. If you try to prepare for another choice as soon as feasible, your co-workers and your employer will value it. This may include calling around to family and friends to try to find someone to pick your child up as quickly as they can, or bargaining with your boss to leave earlier.
So, is taking your youngster to your place of business an ideal scenario? No, and it most certainly should never become a pattern. You should most definitely come up with a back-up plan for potential future occasions if your childcare plans fail. Not every place of work will allow workers to bring their kids into work, so appreciate the fact that yours does and show appreciation to your boss and colleagues.