Company Downsizing Means Furniture Has To Downsize Too

Whenever enterprises downsize, it’s tough enough. You need to figure out what to do with the employees, and the best ways to break it to them. But when the time arrives, there is even more to it than just the employee aspect of matters. Soon after the ground settles, you must determine what to do with all the surplus and unwanted office furniture.

Put It Up For Sale Local or On the web
In case you have the free time, advertise your leftover office furniture locally or on the net. Though you will never get back what you invested in it, you could at least recover some of it. The disadvantage to selling it is that it could require time to uncover a possible customer, and if you possess time restrictions this might just not help you.

Place the Office Furniture on the Auction Block
If attempting to sell the extra office furniture yourself after your company downsizes is not an alternative, think about taking it to an auction house. The draw back to going the auction route is that though you will redeem some funds, the office furniture will go to the top bidder, and sometimes the greatest bid isn’t that high.

Donate It to Charity
Donating to a charity or the Salvation Army won’t net you a financial return, but it will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve done a good thing. Some people would love to get a chair or a desk, but just can’t afford to buy and go one. This is your opportunity to make their dreams become a reality.

Charity Begins at Home
If you are not necessarily worried about financial rewards, take into consideration giving the surplus office furniture to employees. They could need a chair for their teen or home office. It’s a great way to compensate an employee for a job well-done, and to thank them for their extra support during the scaling down process.

Hire an Office Liquidator
Occasionally you need to call in a professional removal company to come out and remove the extra furniture if you don’t have time to give it away or sell it. They will come right to your office, pick it up and haul it away. Usually they donate and recycle what they can, and they will even provide you with donation receipts.