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The best way to handle a crude manager

Handling a crude bossKnowing how to handle a rude boss depends on the type of rude that you’re dealing with. If it’s a personality trait that stems from a sarcastic personality where he or she treats everyone equally and it’s just the way that the boss handles stress or makes fun, that’s one thing.


Even if you don’t have a rude boss, this practice can help you should things get complicated later on at your place of employment. If your boss is rude, you should document the instances of rudeness in your log.


Regardless of your communication style, it is imperative that you communicate your displeasure with rude behavior as soon as possible. If you have noticed that your boss is in the habit of making rude comments, react one good time in a way that lets him or her know that you won’t accept it, and the rude behavior may never be exhibited in your direction again. Oftentimes, people are so intimidated by their bosses that they will accept anything, when your boss may just be testing your limits.

Find help

If your boss just refuses and has a rude personality to change, it may be time to seek support. In this way, you can anonymously put your boss on the alert that he or she has disgruntled employees.


If the rude behavior is affecting your job satisfaction, health and/or mental well-being, then it’s time to seek employment elsewhere. Speak with family and friends and utilize social media to find another job as soon as possible.