Glass Office Cubicles

Teknion Glass CubiclesGlass office cubicles come in all sizes and with all types of features.  From frosted glass cubicles to 8×8 glass, 8×6 glass, Floor to ceiling glass cubicle walls, to brands like Herman Miller Ethospace Glass Panels and cubicles with glass doors to Teknion Leverage glass cubicles to functionality like telemarketing private glass cubicles and glass workstations.  Glass has definitely invaded the cubicle world.

Teknion Leverage Call Center Telemarketing Glass Cubicle WorkstationsWhile there is no definitive history on the glass cubicle, credit is typically given to Douglas Ball who created the Clipper CS-1 a enclosed cubicle that is on display in the British Design Museum in London.  From that design he created  My Studio Environments for Herman Miller.  He basically reinvented the existing glass cubicle systems by combining the features of the private office and the open cubicle.

Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles Glass WallsToday glass cubicles are as hot as ever from low wall to floor to ceiling and every size you can imagine with clear and frosted glass and you can even find them with tinted glass walls.  This explosion in glass cubicle manufacturing has allowed companies seeking them to enjoy lower price point mainly through the used cubicle market.  Companies can save up to 80% on glass cubicles if they shop wisely.   Take your time, know what you are after but also what you can fudge on and you can find a great deal on a used glass office cubicle system.